July 15, 2011
amaevis: "Critical self-awareness should cause people to realise their actions restrict others..." - Amy Greer casts a...


(Andy’s note: Sociological language applied to punk/hc makes me as happy as a fistful of cherry Pez.)

Allow me a moment to set the scene. A band I’m really into has just played the opening bars of a song. I push through the crowd to get to the front of the room, to sing along,…

/agree except for the part where she hates Ireland

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  2. oofstar said: to crazypotatogirl: it doesn’t matter that women mosh as much as men. the reason moshing is considered -the- way to express love of hardcore music to the exception and marginalization of other excpressions is due to it’s association with masculinity
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    I’m kind of tired of hardcore being used as the whipping boy for everything that’s wrong with the punk community. There...
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  6. crazypotatogirl said: Fair enough, but at all the concerts I go to (and admittedly it’s probably very different since I live in Sydney) girls mosh as much as guys
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    This was good and worth reading to think about. I’ve always been bothered by people who insist that the front of the...
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